Jul 29

Safe Travel Tips From The Transportation Security Administration

Why Traveling Throughout The United States Is No Longer A Walk In The Park
Traveling in American airports is now like pulling teeth. By this, I mean traveling in American is not fun, but a complete hassle. The security screening process can be delayed, backed-up, tedious and overwhelming. This is the main reason why you should be absolutely prepared when you travel through the airports. This could make or break your travel experience. Therefore, you should be aware of the consequences of traveling without caution.

The Best Tips For Traveling Without Hassle In The Continue Reading »

Jun 13

Liquids, Lighters, And Knives: What Can I Carry On?

After the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001, the Transportation Safety Administration amended many of its rules about what items could be brought in a carry-on bag aboard airplanes. Read on to learn the rules regarding lighters, knives and liquids.


As of 2007, passengers are now allowed to bring common lighters in their carry-on luggage. Passengers may not carry-on torch lighters.

Matches may not be placed in checked baggage, but passengers may bring one book of safety matches on their person or in carry-on baggage.


Knives, with the exception of round-bladed “butter” knives Continue Reading »

Jun 09

Avoiding A Headache: Traveling Safe In The U.S.

Traveling safely throughout the United States requires following a few safety tips. Research your destination and find out where the bad neighborhoods are located. The location will vary from city to city. Some cities have their bad neighborhoods located downtown while others might be north, south, east or west. With online tools, you can easily research the crime statistics in the location where you plan to travel. Always use caution at night no matter where you are located. The darkness Continue Reading »

Jun 05

What Not To Pack For Your Next Flight In The U.S.

You have probably heard of all the strict regulations now in place when it comes to flying. In the U.S., there are quite a few items that you should not attempt to take on the plane if you want to avoid hassles.

Weapons -This is obvious, but worth mentioning as it can cause you serious problems. This includes not only guns, explosives and ammunition but knives and anything else that is a weapon or potential weapon. Licensed weapons can usually be checked.

Sharp Objects -This can be tricky, as it includes Continue Reading »

Jun 02

What To Know About TSA Regulations When Traveling

Whether you are traveling to a faraway destination for a business meeting or taking your excited children or significant other on a magical vacation, navigating the airport and making it through security can be a nightmare. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is constantly changing their rules for getting through the checkpoints. However, knowing these basic regulations will get you through the line and into the waiting area with no hassle.

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May 30

Safety Considerations For Your Next Domestic Flight

There could be plenty of safety concerns for passengers that travel on domestic flights. Severe weather events can cause serious safety hazards for anyone traveling from one state to another state. For example, major hurricanes and tornadoes can damage airports and infrastructure in large cities. Upon arrival to storm damaged destinations, passengers can face safety concerns due to lack of power, water, communications and shelter. It is essential to check the weather forecast before boarding any domestic flight in the United States. A major storm could be on the way while you are flying safely.

Terrorism in the sky is a still a major concern these days. Passengers should be aware of any suspicious activity that goes on in an airplane. There may sometimes be false terrorist claims and alerts that could send the entire airplane into a state of panic and chaos. Upon arriving to a domestic airport, Best Home Security Companies, there may be a common terror scare. In such cases, an airport is completely locked down as authorities try to sort out the problems that may involve potential bombs hidden at the airport. During such situations, arriving passengers should be prepared for long waits at the airport with heavy security precautions.